Christmas Eve.

Christmas Eve, a star filled night.

All breath is crystal on the air.

Village friends will walk to church

To give their thanks, in worship there.


A window lit with candle's glow

Drops pools of light on icy paths.

Wood scented smoke plumes to the sky

From crackling flames in log filled hearths.


Within the cottage, old stone walls hold

Drapes of winter's green,

With bright red berries and cinnamon sticks

All woven in between.


In a shadowed corner,

There stands a christmas tree,

Where tinsel hangs with candy canes,

And baubles showing fireside flames.


Beneath it's boughs of pinewood scent,

And hanging from the branches

Are loving gifts, all wrapped up tight

To celebrate this magic night.






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Wordman's picture

It's only October and even

It's only October and even thought I'm not looking forward to the cold,

I am now in the mood for Christmas. Nicely done.

You paint a wonderful picture with your phrasing and touch.

Thanks for sharing.

sweetwater's picture

Yes, I apologise for dragging

Yes, I apologise for dragging it forward, so glad you liked reading it though. :-) X

cevance's picture

A wonderful read, Sue. Very

A wonderful read, Sue. Very nice.

sweetwater's picture

Thank you, Nice to have

Thank you, Nice to have feedback (nice feedback that is, lol) If it wasn't for you and a few other writers on here I would never know if my stuff was ok or not. Family never been interested really.  :-) X