I Wish I were.....

I wish I were a pebble laying on the beach,

And you the waves washing over me.

To feel you above, beneath-all around

Then carry me with you, to be one with the sea.


I wish I were a candle's wick

Tightly embraced by your burning flame,

And as the heat consumes us both

We burn together, and become the same.


I wish I were a tiny ripple

And you the rivers flow,

Then you could catch me as you pass

And take me always where you go.


I wish I were a shining star

And you the darkness of the night.

Then we could look forever down

Upon the world, for it's delight.



Author's Notes/Comments: 

For a very special man.

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This is very interesting.

This is very interesting. Really gets you thinking about what is important in life. Sometimes just being with somebody means everything.

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Being with him would mean

Being with him would mean everything, it'll never happen, he's too far out of my reach, has been for 40+ years! but feelings don't lesson so writing helps. would go mad otherwise lol. :-)