The Dark Hours.

Silken soft the dark hours drift

Towards a golden dawn.

Hours that glide across eternity

And disolve in the gossamer morn.


Darkness, soft as butterfly wings

And quiet, like a shining lake.

Night birds know this secret world

Thats blown away upon daybreak.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Wrote this many years ago, just thought to include it.

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Great imagery, you paint a

Great imagery, you paint a delicate portrait. I'm glad you decided to post this after so many years.

A mere suggestion on my part would be to change the words, "blown away" , to something more suitable for such a gentle piece of work.

Nicely done.

sweetwater's picture

Thank you, I always

Thank you, I always appreciate your comments, I suppose now 'blown away' conveys a harsher image than it did when I wrote it. I just saw a gentle wind blowing across the dawn. Will have another look at it.