Autumn song.

Mornings are much cooler now,

And the night drifts through the sky a little longer.

A finger of frost nips you here and there.

And maybe the north wind blows a little stronger.


Sun warmed days are shorter now,

And darker clouds ride lower.

The rain that falls leaves an icy chill,

And a frozen gleam on the window sill.


Natures fruits are over now.

And leaves no longer hug the bough.

Life and nature must soon shut down,

Ready for winter's bleaker gown.



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What an enchanting sweet ode to Autumn

What an enchanting sweet ode to Autumn Respected Sweetwater. It gave me the FEEL of Autumn. Using the words "fingers of frost"... "frozen gleam on the window sill"... " Life & nature must soon shut down.................. winter's bleaker gown" Lovely sweetwater Sir.



sweetwater's picture

Thank you, your kind words

Thank you, your kind words and interest mean a great deal to me.