Strange. 2.

                Don't say to me there are no ghosts,

                You have not eyes to see.


A spirit dwelt within a room,

And 'helped' around my home.

I think a 'she' but I don't know, nor did I know

Why she could not go.


Doors locked tightly when we left-

Were unlocked ready for our return.

Lights turned off at night for bed,

Were on again before the dawn.

The clocks went back, we changed them, all but one-

When checking in the morning,

We found they all were done.

A solid shelf on bracket hooks-

No way that it could fall.

Unearthly hands had picked it up,

And placed it in the hall.


She did so very many things,

Too many to recount.


So if you think there are no ghosts

Explain all this to me!



Author's Notes/Comments: 

I seem to be plagued with this sort of thing, even the house I live in now has a room that has an 'atmosphere', just accept what you can't understand. I suppose.

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don't you get scared?

don't you get scared? paranormal could be anything. 

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As It's happened to me for so

As It's happened to me for so long on and off, I just accept there's more around us than can be explained, Apparantly I had a relative many years ago, who could actually see people who had died, thankfully I can't do that. but it didn't bother her ,she accepted it happend and was ok with it. I have a spare bedroom, lovely sunny, large room, its ok during the day but i'm not happy to go in there at night, my daughter and son-in-law have stayed in it and noticed nothing. I never watch ghost stories though!!

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Wow....that's kind of creepy,

Wow....that's kind of creepy, but also kind of cool. I just hope nothing dangerous or bad happens. 

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Ahh it's fine, all the

Ahh it's fine, all the animals I have had living here have freely gone in and out of the room, so if they don't worry about whats there neither will I. I still won't sleep there though lol. X