Still in love with you.

How many years now, has it been

Since I first lost my heart to you-

The hands of time moved swiftly on,

And stand at forty two.


Tho' age will always take it's toll,

And the beauty of youth may go,

My passion and my love for you

Have never ceased to grow.


The youthful lad upon the stage

The years have left behind.

And in their place upon that stage,

There stands an older Man.


That man I loved, I'm loving still,

My passion burns as bright.

My hands still yearn to touch your face,

My arms to hold you tight.


My lips still burn to taste your skin

And make your pulse's race!

To hold you, love you, lie with you

In the silence of my night.




Author's Notes/Comments: 

Ahh Don, you make my heart smile-how I wish you were mine. 

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