The cottage.

The cottage stands apart in a country lane,

Once it was pretty-now it's quite plain.

Wild roses and ivy climbed those walls,

But now at this door nobody calls.


The crumbling old stones have seen many years.

And the cottage has known both laughter and tears.

It once must have been a greatly loved home,

Now in it's garden, it's forlorn and alone.


This once proud cottage is now forgotten,

It's woodwork is damp, the floors are rotten.

Yet still it stands majestically there,

As though in this world it hasn't a care.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I lived close to this cottage years ago as a teenager, myself and a friend explored it's wilderness of a garden, and peeped through the window one night, We saw huge meathook's hanging from the ceiling, scared the life out of us. Happy to say it's now lived in, and beautiful again. 

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Very nice. I enjoyed this a

Very nice. I enjoyed this a lot.

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Thank you, glad you liked it

Thank you, glad you liked it :-)