Absolute Regret.

When sadness goes too deep for words,

And regret is the wound that won't heal.

When lonliness cuts through your day

And emptiness steals through your night,

Then maybe you'll just touch the edge

Of the depth of the of the sorrow I feel.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Again on leaving my village home.

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I try to live life with no

I try to live life with no regrets...

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Wish i could, my lifes made

Wish i could, my lifes made up of them.

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I feel that as long as I make

I feel that as long as I make the best choices with what I have (knowledge and resources) then I ought never regret the outcome... I may feel bad but ultimatly I know that I would make that same decision again and again. It is only when you know you shouldnt that you regret when you do. That is how it works for me anyways

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Thats exactly how I went

Thats exactly how I went about making the horrendous decision to leave my beloved home, two years it took me to come to the decision to leave, I had no real choice, I had to move to town to give my daughter a better start in life,( I had no car so could'nt get to swimming pool,or cinema for her to go out with friends and couldn't get her to town for work) Tears poured down my face as we left and they didn't stop for a very long time.I made the decision for the right reason, but that did not protect me from regret. It was right for my daughter, I'm very proud of her. But It was  so very wrong for me. So regrets.


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Sometimes one is forced to

Sometimes one is forced to choose between the lesser of two evils... in your case, you were presented with two not so favorable situations and you choose to protect you childs future. I'd say thats an honorable choice and one to be proud of. Beautiful poetry! I hope that time will be your friend sweetwater... and help you to cope with this pain. :( I am SO very sorry :/

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Thank you ,You have a sweet

Thank you ,You have a sweet soul,Probably don't want to hear that really..being a man oops.