Tapping Toes.


    tumble leaves,

twisting turning,

    summer spurning.

Crisp and sharp

    to dance along

each tapping toe

    calls autumn's song.

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Wow, I think this poem is

Wow, I think this poem is presents a verbal counterpoint which, in my reading experience, is so rare.  The great American poet, Wallace Stevens, tried it in one of his poems and really put his foot in his mouth.  But, in a much smaller linear space, you present it quite successfully.  Three movements, like a three part harmony, proceed in their counterpointed brevity:  the movement of the leaves, the movement of the tapping toes, and the movement of autumn out of summer, which is really just the orbital progress of the earth around the sun.  Paradoixcally, and I can't explain why, the poem seems to be very mobile while also standing still.  Well done!