The sky at last has wiped the tears

that fell to mourn this day,

now sunshine sweeps the clouds along

to paint her blue upon the grey,

and birds hold words of summer in their song.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

When it finally stopped raining, and before it began again I wrote this. 

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Sassylass's picture


send some here. I miss the rain!

in Hawaii it rained for about 15 minutes each afternoon...


lovely write!

Poetry is passion,imagination & soul mixing together....



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Well after I had written it

Well after I had written it the rain began again and stayed all afternoon, you could have had that, we already had more than necessary. If I knew which country you are in I would have sent it across ☔️ Many thanks Sue.

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Nice poem !!!

Out here in Kolkata we want rain.... we want the sky to cry, weep whatever... it is really hot & humid... Best wishes ~bishu~



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You can have some of ours, it

You can have some of ours, it forgets to stop sometimes I think, I hate hot and humid, I'd rather have the cold. Many thanks for commenting bishu. Sue.