Chains That Bind.

I feel I want to get away

to go,

to where?

I don't know.

I feel I am too tightly bound,

too wrapped around.

I want to run,

have some fun.

Unshackle life's constraints,

tear apart

all dull restraints.

Jump and shout,

deny the doubt.

See the world

this life unfurled.

Break away

from chains that bind

remove the shades

that keep me blind.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

A slight nod to rap I feel !

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SirWigglesAlot's picture

Nice work here.  I think

Nice work here.  I think everybody at some point can relate to this. Keep up the great writing.

© Erick Scott Neal. All rights reserved 

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It was another sleepless

It was another sleepless night, was bored and thought I'd like to escape it, this poem was the result. Thank you for commenting. Sue.