Can't Sleep.


When dark holds the night

and stars close their eyes,

the black clouds fly swift

with the moon in disguise.

Then chill thoughts invade

to crawl through the brain,

all sleep evade

and senses play games.

Imagined, the visions

in corners they stand.

A thump on your bed

cold grip of a hand.

A creak on the stairs

or footsteps instead,

to creep through the door

and catch unawares!



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48daniel's picture


I know the feeling of eerie night as well! I think everyone can relate to the feeling this poem describes. Well done. 

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Thank you appreciate your

Thank you appreciate your comments :)  it's way too easy for the mind to run away with us somrtimes! Personally I never watch scary films.  Sue.

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A nice little brain gripper'

A nice little brain gripper'


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Thank you, just basic fears I

Thank you, just basic fears I guess most of us have in the dark of the night :-) 


bishu's picture

Try reading one of my dreary posts...Choose the longish ones

.. Guaranteed to knock anyone off to sleep ... Plus they're effective in keeping away unwanted guests.. Whenever anyone extends his/her friendly banter after tea & snacks are over I bring my tattered poetry note book.. After reading one or two they say "Excuse me.. but I've got work to do" This is no exaggeration.. Absolute truth 



sweetwater's picture

Haha, Bishu I am sure no one

Haha, Bishu I am sure no one would do that to your writing :-)  As for my writing I only have to mention in passing something about it and I see their eyes glaze over (seriously!)  Thank you for your kind comment, I appreciate it.  Sue.