The Lake.

Such a shine,

a glimmering of rippled satin

covering the centre.

The rise and descent

of bank and bush undulates

towards a darkening horizon.

Caught between two framing trees,

just edging from the shore

a pool of puddled ink

dares look, towards

the silken sheen.

My vision drank upon

the view, as evening

blinked her eyes,

wisp's of wind

then raised a hand

and took my lake away.



Author's Notes/Comments: 

Looking into the distance from my upstairs window, the clouds set up this oasis- like view.

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deepinyourdreams's picture

Nice lil depiction...reminded

Nice lil depiction...reminded me of the lake story in "Fried Green Tomatoes"...only, the ducks carried off that lake'


sweetwater's picture

Have never seen that film,

Have never seen that film, may do now it sounds interesting. When I saw what the clouds had made I really wished I could paint. Sue.