Oh those winds that call and cry,

how I wish with you to fly.

Across the oceans tumbling free

looking down on azure seas.

I'd scatter dust on desert plains.

And blow along the monsoon rains

to fall on India's land of spice.

Across the skies I'd travel on,

to lands of Northern light.

Ruffle coats of polar bears

on Isle's of snow and ice.

In lazy wisps I'd drift across

the Caribbean sea, wrap around

the colours there, and whisper soft

" Come, dance with me ".

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bishu's picture

My mind became lighter & I danced with the wanton breeze & wind

Trite and Marvellous Ms sweetwater somewhere amidst saltwater



sweetwater's picture

Thank you Bishu, so pleased

Thank you Bishu, so pleased you were kind enough to read and comment on this.

Sue :-).