Im sick of it

I walk away from the drama, the bullshit, the lies, the backstabbers, I took everything that i own & just left Hoping to Facing another day, I turned my back away from everything of my past. I've changed & I am never going back to the old ways, So you're right i can change my ways but i know for sure you wont change, you'll just stay the same person you havealways been, you live the life of drama, bullshit, lies, and you are a backstabber so I stepped away from you and say good bye to you I won't be coming back


I thought I told you that if you didnt change that i wouldnt be sticking around anymore! I don't need the headache or the stress Why are you so pathetic It's come to this that i learn to believe who is my true friends & family And now I'm sick of how immature that you have been come. I can't stand the habit that you choice to keep drama, the bullshit, the lies, the backstabing It's comes to its end right here, right now I'm so sick of it, that i ever trusted you


You're getting sick of this life too haha Facing the truth because you know that you cant chase the lies you live by Won't be something new to you I haven't spoke of bad times that you have put me through because i finally learn that I have no use to speak of the bad times I've learn that it's times to Erase the memories that you have put on me It's something I must do to learn to forget you.


Nothing around you because you are finally seeing the picture what you cant say Nothing cat got your tongue seeing the fact that i am moving forward and my life isnt involving you well thats not my Concerns anymore, i know who i am and i know who my friends are and who my family are as well Maybe you'll find out that i am better off without you in my life


Maybe you'll break down and realize how powerful i am by making the right choice in the matter by walking away from you Maybe you'll end up on the other side looking in wishing you couldturn my world up side down again 

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