Im not angry, im glad

I'm not angry because we broke up part of me is glad we broke up..

I'm not sad that I letting you go because

i dont have to be abuse by you again.

I'm not angry at you for not loving me,

because i knew you never loved me 

you said you did, because i knew that was all a lie .


I'm angry with me for still loving you, for so long.. .

I'm not angry that I lost you because

i knew you never wanted me,

you used me for everything,

a place to live, my money,

my parents money 

you used me for sex...


am i sad because I once had you

and now you're gone from my life?

Hell no i am glad that you are gone from my life,

that i got my friends and my family back.. .

I'm not angry that I can't have you best to believe

i am so much happier

without you telling me who i can

and who i cant see, i am glad that i am

able to go out somewhere without you watching my every move,

and i am also glad that i can finally relax, .


am i sad because I know what I'm missing from you haha

oh please there are more to life then having you in it.

you werent worth my love,.. .

I'm not angry that you've moved on,

i am glad to moved on and left me, becuase 

feel the pain that you were giving me each and every day .

I'm happy because I can finally move on with my life,

it's been the best feeling in the 

world knowing that i dont have to see you anymore,

since i've moved out of state


and i can finally be happy and be the person i used to be...

I'm not angry that you won't come back,

because i am so happy you aint coming back

I'm not angry because I hate you

and don't want to be around you anymore all you did

was hurt me and my family and my friends.

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