i'm finally free

I've been Looking back on my life 

& I still have so many questions

So many things unanswered

Like what did I do?

What could I do?

Was there ever a moment you cared

or was everything a lie?

Was I always ugly and abbanded

Remember all the times you wished me harm?

You wished me dead

How can I have changed to make it better?

And would I?

I still feel so much hate inside of me from

all the abuse you have done to me

Seems like you were just waiting for me to fail

so you could ruin my good name,

I'm sorry I can't forgive you

Do you blame me for not forgiving u?

You never forgave me for what i have done

I've tried to grow from this, move forward from

the pain & the nightmares that you have put me through

Every day is a new challenge for me

Because with you there is just no winning now i am done

with you but i cant move forward

Like it is not I'm still a part of you

And you're still a part of me

because of our past as we were as one

we had a long term relationship that you

destroyed, ruinned and i am glad its over

So this is how its going to be no more

abuse, lies, pain, no more feeling sorry

for myself because i realize it wasnt me 

who was destroying the relationship we had

it was all you that destroy it all.

All the tears that i cried, all the blood that i shed

was worthless in ur eyes so now i am glad i dont 

have to cry these tears of pain, and i dont have to

shed the blood that you put me through

you think that,

without you i will surely die

little do you know

when you left

i was thinking i couldnt go on

but im not gonna let you stop me from what i do

i can live now

more happy and more free

i dont have to worry

 about you always having to shase after me and stop me

i can finally be who i want to be

and not care about what you think or say

when i was yours i was trapped

i couldnt be who i was

if i did,

that would make you just add even more bruises

 It's all gone

& im glad As the candle dwindles, then freakes out

In the end i am finally free

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