hurt me, break me, go ahead

Hurt Me, Break me Go ahead It can't hurt anymore than it already does because im already over you. you thought that you could hurt me like you think you can. please do you see me crying over you, Hell no


Hurt me, Break me go ahead You've done it before when we were younger what will one more time do?


Hurt me, break me go ahead My tears start flowing because i can't believe how stupid i've beento not see how fucked up you are to me so you think you are in Your victory because i am crying HAHA 


Hurt me, break me go ahead One more time Cause tonight is my last night with your stupid ass 


Hurt Me, break me go ahead I can't feel anything because now i am numb from the pain and now I'm starting to see the light at the end of the road you can No longer  hurt me, and you can No longer  break me because I'm now forever gone Never again will you see my tears

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