i look into your eyes & i saw past all the lies thinking you  were better then that, that  you were a real heart shines through, now i see you're feelings arent true you may not believe me but i really liked you back then but now im glad im not with you no more, because i finally realize you aint the man i though you were, i finally see that you werent my soulmate, you lied to me and used me to get in my pants, the person i knew the person i though was you but to tell you the truth none of it was true, you lied to me & you are lying to yourself, becuz after a few months or after a year or so, you are gonna realize that you fucked up again, that you left me go. so now you're a stranger through and through you tried to hide the truth & lie to me but i knew from the start that you are nothing, and you are gonna be put in the shame box onces you realize that you lost a amazing girl. but your fibs wouldnt hide, it slipped from inside now i know the truth and i see the real you, how you really feel about me and ya know what? I'M OVER YOU you're a stranger to me, i dont even know you, my heart wont recognize that it is you behind all those lies you said  so hello, have we met before? oh no we never met before as you can see my heart has a tendency to forget those who hide under a mask full of lies Good bye 

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