Go ahead

Go ahead, say what you want,  I don't care anymore, you arent worth my damn time when you want to go around and cheat on me and talk shit about me Haha you think you got power over me boy. Plz you got no power over me. Go ahead,  talk all the shit you want, try to hurt my feelings, just letting you know that you aint nothing, i am stronger then you think i am. so go sit and taunt,  because you don't scare me,  you got no power over me boy.. Go ahead, with whispers and stares,  but don't waste your breath, on me becuz  I don't give two shits what you say, so save your comment for those who  care because i dont care. you think that its gonna hurt me when you go and talk shit about me please i got more balls then you. You got no power over me. so go ahead,  because...as the saying goes,  'Sticks and stones may break my bones,  but words will never hurt me' and,  you got no power over me. So,  go ahead,  you have lost your power over my feelings, your words fall upon deaf a ears,  so...say what you please,  'cuz you can't hurt me,  and thats the way it should be 

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