It's Always Been You

I still remember da summer when we 1st met

da times we spent together 

I have never been able 2 4get

Sumthing inside of me told me that, 

together, we were so right

Bcuz even on da cloudiest days, 

when I was w/u, da sun shone so bright


Then, w/out warning, u just went away

I could never 4get how I felt that day

It felt like my world was crashing down around me

Being w/out u made it hard 2 breathe


Eventually, I moved on & started other relationships

But 4 sum reason it was always u that I missed

No matter how hard I tried, 

u just couldn't b replaced

My love 4 u would never b erased


After a while, I realized that no 1 has ever been able 2 duplicate

ur laugh, ur touch, ur smile, ur face

The way I felt when I was w/u had never been able 2 b matched

2 u is where my heart has always been attached


Now we've been reunited & it is once again u & me

The sun is back shining & it seems like it was always meant 2 b

I can't believe I wasted all that time trying 2 start sumthing new

Bcuz after all these years, I've realized that it's always been u

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