as longs as we hold on

i have been thinking about us

when we first met

the sparkle between us i'll never forget. 

& i wont forget how your brother

 introduce me to u, to me it was

love @ first sight so tender & loving & caring. 


i had never felt like this before until 

i finally met you.

the day waas bright

love was in the air

we unfolded each word w/out being scared.


these miles between us 

isnt going to stop us at all

to fall in love w/eachother 

all over again. as the day goes on

my love for you is still as strong as it

was when we first met.


yea we ended the relationship 5yrs ago

but we still stayed friends through all 

that was happening @ the time 


now 5years later. u wrote me 

& tell me i made a mistake 

& regret leaving u. 

i miss u so much. 

i wish we can have another chances


so today we're here to make a mend 

to our relationship & baby i aint letting

u go again. not ever.

there is nothing can come between us

we''ll fought againest all odds


through emails & letters

phone calls & text

we've shared our inner thoughts

through many hours on the phone

we've made eachother whole again


we proved to love

that we can do this, even though we 

havent seen eachother in over 5yrs 

our love is as sweet as most relationship


our hearts was the key to the true 

meaning of love & it will last forever

as long as we hold on to it.

our love will fight through anything.

no matter how far we are from eachother

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