my days w/out my love

i live my days & nights

thinking of my only love

my eyes getting full of tears

bcuz i am missing him so much


the very though of losing him

makes me want to die

i can't stop dreaming of the day

when we can be side by side with eachother


my days are long & empty

my anguish is bcoming great.

bcuz i need the love from him 

to get me through the day


now my heart is bleeding

& i can't stop the flow

as i stare at the phone for hours on end

wishing he would call me or text me.


time keeps moving slow 

& tears stains my face

just to hear his voice 

would bring my heart 

back to its place


the night is coming soon

my emotions are sinking fast

i hopes my sour depression

& loneliness wont last


i wipes my blurry eyes

for in my emails i see

a letter from my love

expressing how he feels


w/my heart beating fast

i keep on reading each loving line

Sobs of joy makes me smile 

w/his love so divine


Here is anther chapter

of my day w/out my love

& as the morning sum awakens me

again i am begin my day alone

Author's Notes/Comments: 

My boyfriend & me have just got together again after being apart for 5yrs. so this is for him

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