I'm Wishing U Were Here (I love u Grandma)


as i close my eyes & breath

i feel my tears need to release

grandma why'd you leave 

i needed you here

 i need your words of encouragement

your deather is so permanent

i miss you smile so much i'd go the xtra' mile

just to have you for a lil while longer

so much pain. my heart beats

everytime i pray i put my life on display

trying to beg forgiveness i just wish you were still alive

its like a bad dream and each day i wake i hope to see your face

but thats not the case.

damn i miss you grandma

so much that this worlds not enough because your memory

still remains a must

a kiss from you

to the dust a love from a gentle touch

if id ever shed a tear 

its because my heart beats for you to be here

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