never wanted to say goodbye (grandpa i'll always remember you)


last night was the worst night of my life couldnt sleep

all i did was cry because i knew i was losing my favorite

grandpa life without you bother me so much because i love you

i never got to say my good byes to you. you've promised me you 

would be here to see me grow up now you have passed away

without even saying good bye i never wanted to say goodbye

to you because i wanted you to stay alive forever and inside

i cry in my heart grandpa you will always remain. 

lastnight a big part of my life majority of my life has died and went with you. 

no more warming big hugs no more butterflie kisses

when i'm feeling sad, mad sick or alone. not even when i am happy. 

i never wanred to say good bye and i hate that everyone is trying to make me do so 

they always say its the best way to let you go but i never wanted to let you go. 

i know i can't live without you and your 

momories are for ever blazing through my mind 

i'll be sure to leave your momory lingering where ever i may go.

Grandpa i am afraid to let you go. you wont be here for so many things and

i hate that you wont get to see your granddaughter grow up and to get married

and to have children someday you asked that no one cry for you becuz you've in a happier place now

so i wont cry i stay strong for you and i. i know grandma is going to miss you the most.

you were everything to that woman. grandma is depressed now she's hurting the most that she has to let go of her love, her husband.

old but young at heart, family gathering wont be the same now that your gone.

heartbroken a granddaughter cry herself to sleep just because she can never see her grandpapi smile anymore.

no more will i get to see you smile or laugh or talk about the old times and i never wanted to say good bye but grandpa i have to let you go some time forever you will be missed and still loved by so many i never wanted to say goodbye so im going to keep you in my heart forever.

i will always think about you always and forever. you were my favorite grandpa and i'll never gonna let you go and i never got to tell you that you were my favorite grandpa

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