my grandma R.I.P


i woke up this morning 

not knowing what to find

as the day went on through the evening and night

i felt so blissful

my lips were smiling through all. until late that evening

i received a call

the voice of my mother telling me that my grandma is dying

and there's no hope the doctors said she wont live long

my heart dropped down to the floor 

the tears in my eyes overflowed.

all these memories began to appear

from when i was a child and my grandma was near

i prayed to god to give me a chance to see my grandma before 

she passed alway but i couldnt see my grandma 

my mother wouldnt let me say good bye to her

so i still walk around wishing i could say good bye and thank

you for everything she has done for me.

my mom said it was the best to stay up north and let

grandma go with God  the decision was made in just a blink

of an eye and all the machines were disconnected and she

wasnt breathing anymore

i wished i could of been with my grandma like everyone else

was standing by her bed crying and sobbing as her time came

but instead of me going to give my respected and my love to my

grandma i had to cry & sobb over the phone when

my mom told me grandma as passed on now.. and she 

hanged up the phone on me.

but in my heart my grandma is always live no matter

how far grandma has gone i know she is with me 

by my side watching over me.

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