ride or die part 2

See da way u make me feel I can’t describe when I’m around u I get butterflies. U make my whole life so complete & ur love for me is oh so sweet. See I made a promise to stay by ur side boy until da casket drop I’m gonna ride & I ain’t going no where, no other dude has ever catches my eye , Like u did when we used to kick it together in HS, baby u had me mesmerized, now baby boy u’re my addiction, Like a druggie, u got me feenin for ur lovin. So best believe I’m gonna staying by ur side b/c no other chick is gonna ride like I do. I’m 1 in a million I’m ur ride or die queen. I never thought we would make this far but u proved me wrong & stole my heart when u stepped back into my life after HS & now u change everything, sixteen years later we reconnected For da better, See boy I was broken a fragile lil thing. But u have been building me up & courage me to give love another shot, since we been talkin I’m fallen deeply for u, u’re my man u’re strong & u’re smart & I believe in u, u changed into a different man since HS & I’m glad u ain’t like what u were in HS. When I was down & out u made me smile telling me to keep my head up, this is why u’re my ride or die, my king, my love ain’t no one ever gonna come between us. I’m willing to try if u’re willing to try let’s take this to da next level make us official let da world know where we stand. By each other’s side. Haters are gonna hate but I don't give 2 shit about them. I don't care if they think it's a lie. I don't care that we're not perfect. I don't care about those other guys. I don't care if we got haters, & I don't care if they multiply. There's only one thing I care about, & that's u & I. & as long as we got each other, we don't need anybody else on this earth. So let them haters hate on us. Let’s prove them that we are together & we ain’t going no where. I’m ur chick for life we’re gonna stick this out together always gonna be down for whatever Stick by me & u’ll never be solo, we are together forever fk them other bitches let them come see me I wanna be down w/u whenever u need me just call me & I'll be there, u’re in my life now ain’t gonna let u slip away again, u’re all that I need & ur arms is where I wanna be, u put a smile to on my face I would never replace u I'm being real I can finally say that I'm glad to have u in my life, I've been searching for love & now I have u, I don’t need to look anywhere else, I adore u, my amor I've been patient waiting for a real man to ride or die with feeling of love. I'm down to ride, with u until da end b/c I know ur down for me more than a friend I never had nothing like this before someone who cares & loves me even more, Remember when I say I'm devoted to u that's why I’m remaining true to u & only u. Listen with ur heart when I say I got so much love to give to someone who I think is right for me, For u in every way count on me no matter what it's all about me & u, Here's da key to my heart u can keep it as long as u promise to never hurt me, I don't need da key back u earned that can nobody ever separate us, I'm glad that I have u, u make me happy & I want to be happy for da rest of my life with someone who I actually care about.. and that is you baby, I want all my dreams & hopes come true & I trust u & it’s not easy for me to trust anyone so when I say I trust u, it means that im giving u my heart & soul. U got no reason to fear my love for you or fear I would walk away and abandon you or lie to u or hide from u, This is where I want to be, w/u, I wanna stay in ur arms forever plz never let me go away ever. Baby I'm down for u, lets be da next Bonnie & Clyde, I'm urs & u're mine baby boy I can't get enough of u

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