My Love,

From the first day I met ya back in high school, I notice ur style, with ur Bad Boy swagger u came up to me & u talked like u knew me never stop trying to kick it with me, kept coming around me & every time we were in the hallways or in class, u were the first to chat with me before everyone else & u put ur trust in me & protected me in school, didn't let no one hurt me that's when I fell for ya, as time kept going on & we kept chill together I noticed some things, our love kept growing always play fighting with each other or when u were having a bad day & I always put u at ease my giving u a back & shoulder massage, u always telling me that I should be come a massage therapist bcuz I was that damn good at what I was doing.. but when I drop out high school to go to adult ed, I fell deeply into depression I felt like I lost my best friend, the man who I fell in love with.

i didnt think or expect to ever see u again, I wanted to run away bcuz the situation's in the past kept hitting me hardcore everything was coming down to me hardcore & I always thought that Love will never really last bcuz I lost u in my life, i tried my hardest to let go of the pain but some how all I ever had was memories just to keep me strong, it had a hold of me that was unbearable, I wasn't expect to be getting a second chance to have u in my life again. Now that we are back together I can't let u, I know what I want & that's u baby. I know that we just had one of our fights but that made us stronger together if we can manage each other through the good & bad we can manage anything. Bcuz we can fight & we make up & I'm staying with u..

before we started up again I use to wonder where I be going & where I wanted to be, I would sit alone just wondering what my my destiny would be for me, & hearing love songs on the radio wishing that could happen to me, & Then when u came into the picture again then I knew quickly my best friend my love was going to be with me again, we just picked up where we left off now babe we can do this we got this we can build something much stronger. we can expect the best for the future, we can finally forget about what used to be & move forward with our lives & baby I need u here all life long.


Baby I know how hard to let me back in bcuz u've been hurt before from past experience & u feel I might end up doing the same thing like ur past gfs but babe u never felt a real true love like mine I know how it feels to be broken from past experience trust me I'm not anything like them. I gotta say what's on my mind & I'm gotta say this straight to u right here right now. I can no longer hide my feeling from u. Everytime I close my eyes u're on my mind everyday & night i cant seem to get u off my mind. & honestly I don't want u to ever leave my mind, I don't wanna be alone any more I would love to be happy again & I know u don't want to be alone as well I see that u crave love like no other.. so take my hand & hold on tight bcuz we are in this together until the end of time baby. Ain't no turning back now. I'm never leaving u again. That's a promise.


Baby i have to be straight up with u, U got a beautiful soul but u don't know bcuz u can't see what's inside ur soul like I can, I know u always feeling like u're not good enough, u wish u could die & u wish u could be someone else, Sometimes u just can't see urself But I can see just who u are from the inside & out, u're exceptional the way u are, baby u don't need to change for nobody. U're incredible just the way u are, so what ppl can't see that, they couldn't find the time to see the inner beauty in ur soul, but in my eyes u r everything that I have always dream u would be like when u grew up, I had no doubt u would turn in to a fine young man yea I know ur life wasn't that great bcuz u have had ur share of ups and downs & death of love ones that mean the world to u..

I wish u would believe in urself as I believe in u. U're nothing but exceptional i know u think u never measure up to anything else but baby u are a blessing from the Lord himself. U tell me ur not smart enough but baby u are smart, in ur own ways u are book & Street smart & that's a good way. don't ever let no one else tell u ain't bcuz I know u r.. & u say u ain't cool enough always feeling different from all the rest, bcuz everyone puts u downs baby don't listen to that crap bcuz I like how different u are, u ain't like the rest of these fools, ur better than that. I know u feel so out of place, u think u don't fit in but baby boy I think u're perfect in the skin u're in u're just perfect just how u are I love u for u. I don't want u to ever change unless u want too, but like i said u're exceptional the way u are don't need to change for nobody u're incredible, so what ppl can't see that, bcuz in my eyes u r everything that I have always dream u would be like when u grew up, I had no doubt u would turn in to a fine young man.

If u could see the one I see when I see u, u'd definitely know how lucky u are to be u I see through u & u're exceptional the way u are, u're incredible. I fell in love with u for u are the first time & now the second time around baby u have no idea how bless I am to be able to get asecond chance to be with u & my heart is urs forever plz don't ever forget that.. We r in this until the end. I love u now & forever..

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