Dedicated to Alfred who makes my heart skip a beat

Monday, March 14, 2016

I felt it again
Complete joy
We talked tonight
You made me feel
So happy
And like I finally belonged
Like I could be your number one

My heart warmed up
And melted
As we spoke
You answered back right away
And you know I love that
Your words so sweet
You heart and mine together
You mean so much to me

Your words circle in my head
As I settle down for bed
Still in my thoughts
I love you 
I remember when you said those words
Just time ago
And told me I was your one in a million girl
The way you whispered my name

You make me so happy
You spring delight out of me
And hold me in your arms
Captaving pleasure
As you are the captain of my heart
The one who whispers softly
To it's bruised parts
And heals them softly
Filling a missing piece of me

I hope you don't mind me saying
I want to spend forever with you
I wish to slow dance with you
And get lost in your eyes
Combine our hearts into one
You make me so uplifted
So whole and for once healed 
Thank you

Thank you
Thank you for all that you do
For the smile you put on my face
The laugh you fill my lungs with
The warmth you engulf me in
And the love you share with me
The happiness you surround me with
Thank you for letting me belong beside me
For letting me stand with you
And take your hand

Alfred I love you!

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