Dedicated to Alfred whom I love

 It has been a month

Since that fateful day
You asked me to be yours
I still get chills
At how excited I was
To be the one you wanted
I knew that day would be special 
And it still feels too good to be true
At the least you made me happy
But that is down playing it
It's how you feel when a dream comes true
And you had a really good day
You never want to end
When suddenly something goes right in a world of wrong
When warmth comes into your life
And makes a nest in your heart
And is always a joy that settled in your gut
And inspiration
And motivation
Like when has a wound reason to close up
And an ache that grew when it should have

dimmed suddenly gets coffee breaks
Like when a gash gets stamped the label 'Healable'
And happiness is everywhere you look
I mean it when I said you would make me the luckiest girl a live
To be with you
And I am the happiest girl to be your girlfriend
I feel it in every movement I make
And every breath I take
I feel joy at being yours and you being mine
The rest of our lives to go

My fingers still crossed that this will last
I wake up this morning
With you on my mind
And slept last night
Dreams of you going by
You are the redness of my cheeks
And the joy in my eye
The warmth in my heart
The story of you and I
Has become the center of my life
I wish to make you happy
Save you like you saved me
You are such a caring person
And I love how we can tell each other everything
You truly are special to me
Your words so beautiful and loving
I love to feel your arms around me 
But more then anything
To talk with you all day
You are the smile on my face
Your face in my head
My head cluttered with dreams
That you'll always be here
In my life
I don't wanna lose you
My heart calls your name
You are the butterflies in my stomach
The shivers down my spine
And the words that stay forever with me
You mean so much to me
You are so important to me
You are priceless
The answer to a pray
I love you
Happy one month



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