My Best Wishes On Our 1 Month Aversary Which is today 2.14.2016

As we speak
A smile spreads across my face
My heart skipped a beat
At your first words
We haven't spoken in a while
And I miss you dearly
I wonder if you'll remember
Our one month adversary
It will be here before we know it

You are always the one to make me smile
The one to shade me from harm
You mean so much to me
And the reasons go on and on
You have no idea how much you mean to me
The emotions for you overflow
You make up my world
And make it glow
Lets my emotions stands proudly
You have found a way to make me so happy
Since you asked me to be yours
I smile at how lucky I am

You are a wonderful guy
With a big heart
And make me happy as we speak
Your words sooth me
Built me
Mend my heart
Keep me from the bleeding that I was drowning in
Shine a light
And show a new path
That could lead to forever
With you
Which sounds like the best thing in the world
Forever with you
Four weeks so far
Forever in my heart


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