It is magical

The feeling is magical

The love in my heart is continuous
Like the beating of my heart
It is magical
To think about that person non-stop
And know they're thinking about you 
To wake up knowing they make you happy
That you're finally found the one
And go to bed longing for their grasp
They're voice
And loving touch 

It is magical
How you make me feel
I am sure
That my feelings are real
For you
You are one of the most amazing people
I have ever met
You and my blood related family
Are the ones who get me through everything

You are kind
You are my encourager
True lover
Future Husband
You make my life better
Glowing up my life
With the light you have inside of you
That shines outward
You are wonderful
And so forth
You swept me off my feet
Spun me into a world
Where I can relate

You have swiftly
Entered my life
Made feelings of wrong right
Rained down my cheeks tears of joy
Opened up my heart
And now overwhelming happiness runs through me
I wish I could stop time
And keep us in love forever
I do not wish to me with anyone else
You are the one I want to spend the rest of my life with
The one I can never turn from
Thank you
You are my inspiration
You were the one who swept me off my feet
No one else could
But you have Alfred
And I love you so
Forever we know
Alfred, I love you

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