my love at first sight

Yes, my love at first sight

You captured my heart, my very soul,

Your smile, the glitter in your eyes

Sent flashes of lightning to my heart

So much fever I could feel and

I knew then we would never part.

The clatter of my fingertips on the keyboard

As I pound each passionate word,

To you my forever loves:

My testimony and fire that you have built in my heart,

As a volcano slowly bubbling and churning

To push upward and built such a fire,

The love I have found in you, my love

Time passes and yet our love is so

Building with such force and strength

Over the distance that we so want to melt away,

For we know our love will be

For all eternities and a day,

Oh, my love, I so pray to our God above

Answers will come, as fire from the sky

And you, yes you and I my love

Will taste our forever love,

So perfect and complete,

This I know this I feel when we meet,

 For destiny waits on no one,

And no barrier can keep us apart

This is my promise my love,

Straight from my heart,

Rest assured my love as their is God above,

You and I are forever in love.






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