Ride or die

See the way that u make me feel I can’t describe.

When I’m around u I get butterflies.

U makes my whole life so complete.

& Ur love for me is oh so sweet.

See I made a promise to stay by Ur side

Boy till the casket drops

I’m gonna ride no other dude has catched my eyes

Boy u have me mesmerized.

Baby boy you’re my addiction

Like a druggie u got me feenin.

So best believe imam stay by Ur side

Cause no other chick gonna ride like I do.

I’m one in a million

I’m Ur ride or die,

Boy, u’re my life even though u run the streets

It’s all good cause I sleep on satin sheets.

Bonnie to Ur Clyde,

Riding forever by Ur side.

If the day ever comes & u should want out

I’ll stick with u; of that have no doubt.

Even if our souls are marked

To die in a dim, unlit park,

Boy, know there’s nothing I won’t do.

I’d go to hell & back for u

I'm Ur ride or die wifey, queen

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