Definition of a ride or die chick

It’s hard to find a real ride or die chick 

I’m the type that always stays down for my man when things get thick

No matter the stress life may bring me, I will never let my strength & dignity falter

I’m always playing the wifey role without even walking down the alter.

I’m always putting you first no matter what the situation.

I tend to your every need and am the cure to your frustrations.

I never judge you and understand that everyone makes mistakes

I stay down for you at all times and stick by your side even if you catch a case

I’m the type that you know you can never replace.

I am your ears when you can’t hear

And your eyes when you can’t see

And without me your life wouldn’t be complete

The one that knows yours fears and is always there to wipe your tears

My number one priority is always to keep you satisfied.

Pleasuring your mind body and even your appetite

I am down for whatever.

I’m the one that you can see yourself being with forever.

You know that I am also independent but at the same time I ride or die with only you

I’ll never let a bitch bring her stress

I got plenty of guys who want to be with me but you are the only one that I am trying to impress

Everything I do, I do it for you.

I’m the type you would make you happy and also

Have a little family together

Because you know a life with me it won’t be any drama

The girl that you can’t imagine not bring in your life

The girl that when you first saw me you knew you had to wife me

You know that I am cool with your family, and you know that I am

Cool with your crew. Never will stop you from wanting to chill with

Your ppl, and when you show me off to your ppl, you know I show mad

Respected, ain’t got nothing to hide from you.

And for you I’m guaranteed to always stay true to you

I’ll never pressures you and when you need it, you know I’ll give you your space

When things get rough you know that I’m your back brace

I know my damn role and you know I know how to hold it down

And even when things seem impossible I’ll never let you fail

If things popping off

I’m the first one there standing right by your side

I am your bonnie and you are my Clyde

My love is unconditional

And it will never fade away just put your trust in me

And keep the faith and it will last forever and a day.

You have a true ride or die chick in your life

So hold on to me and never let me go. Remember

To always appreciate me to the fullest extent and then beyond 

Bcuz you never really know what you got until it’s gone.

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