When we fight. I just lose control

I don't know why I do the things I do,

Or why when we fight I just lose control,

And say means things I don't mean,

Instead of just taking a stroll,


I don't know why I say,

I hate you and such,

Cause I know in my heart,

Each word feels like a punch,


When I hurt you,

After wards its hurts me inside,

I just want to runaway,

Runaway and hide,


I don't know why I'm ashamed,

To admit that I'm wrong,

Even though in my heart,

I know this fight won't last long,


I guess it's my pride,

To always think I'm right,

But when I don't admit when I'm wrong,

I twist and turn through the night,


I know I'm hurting you,

But my pride overcomes it,

I know every cruel word,

Feels like hit after hit,


I do it to every one,

Not only you,

I know I should stop,

But I don't know how to,


I know when we fight,

That one day you could leave,

And know if you did,

That I would just grieve,


But listen to what I'm saying,

And understand how I feel,

Because when me and you fight,

My heart turns to steal,


I'm sorry when I say mean things,

And they sting your precious heart,

But always remember,

I don't ever want you to fall apart,


I don't know why I do the things I do,

Or why when we fight I just lose control,

And say means things I don't mean,

Instead of just taking a stroll.....


I hate it when we fight

When we fight nothing seems right

I can’t stay mad at you though

Because without you I’m a river that doesn’t flow

I just become stagnant


But when I’m with you I am magnificent

So let’s keep pushing through these hard times

Because I want you to always be mine

There is no doubt in my mind


That you are THE ONE I was meant to find

Baby you are my everything

And, yes, that does make everyone else nothing

All I need is you


Because when I don’t have you my soul is blue

Even when we fight I still wanna marry you

Because my emotions mean so much more than I love you

Fight for me


They say that in life

There are things worth fighting for

And others that you should let go.

If they come back to you

That's how you know they're yours.

But how do you know when it's time to give up

And leave the rest to Fate?

What if we realize what we can't live without

Just a little too late?

All these questions scare me

Cause I never seem to do the right thing.

But one thing I promise is

I'll fight for you if you fight for me.

Even though we may argue

Over things that mean nothing at all,

Please don't give up on me

And I promise to be there to catch every tear that may fall.

They say a rose signifies beauty

Even if it's full of thorns.

Just the way a good book never bores you

No matter how much the cover is worn.

Nothing in life is constant,

For we live in a world of change.

Sometimes I cry for no reason

And find myself dismissing the sun for the rain.

I've placed my trust in others before

And they've always let me down.

I want to give you my everything

Because I won't let myself fail you now.

I'm trying to figure out who I am

And what I will make of my life.

On my journey I want you there

To sail with me through storm and strife.

No matter whom I turn out to be

Or what in life I do,

If you promise to fight for me 

I promise to fight for you.

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