Did u ever feel like u made the right choice

Did u ever feel like u made the right choice in dating someone,

who's everything u ever wanted in a man?

I know I have, everything about him is exactly,

what I've been looking for in a man.

I know, it’s been a while since I felt like this with anyone,

the real big feeling i has was back in high school,

this feeling I had for him back then, was so surreal

& I always thought he was so cute,

I tried to tell him but I left to another high school,

I so wanted to tell him so bad that I had the biggest crush on him,

Yeah I had one really bad for this guy,

this is how he makes me feel back in high school,

every time I came in view of him or even talk to him,

He made my heart stop every time I saw him,

thoughts were getting so deeper I was blinded by he’s features,

but when I left I couldn't tell him how I really felt about him

& I lost contact with him. he was so confidence,

which made me fall in love with him,

now after 14 years he's even more confidence

which definitely made me fall in love all over again,

he so blunt, 100% truthful with his words,

he just puts a smile on my face that's so unforgettable,

He always knew the right things to say,

everything he says he always says with a passionate

& I couldn't control how I'm felt about him back then,

now that he is back in my life i still cant control how i feel about him now,

He’s always on my mind 24/7,

its been a while since I felt this way with any man,

I don't know what to say, when I see him,

I get the chills when I look in his eyes

i just melt he’s so handsome,

his eyes are what makes him sexier,

in my eyes he's mine, He’s everything & more to me,

hoping he feels the same for me,

he’s a keeper in my eyes &

I'm about to keep on fighting to keep what's mine.

The first time I looked into his eyes,

I became a believer in love at first sight,

I wish all the men in this world would learn a thing or two,

about being a perfect hubby from him.

he's very special to me, more than he'll ever know & more than I show.

he's my friend & now my life,

he's my light & he's my soul mate,

he's my lover, his smile & his eyes his heart all of those things about him, 

I can't seem to get enough of,

I fallen for him from the very start & I'm still falling.

It was love at first sight

& it's only grown stronger. 

Baby, through thick & thin,

This flames that we have growing will never die out,

He's the most sweetest guy I have ever met,

so down to earth, loveable,

passionate & so protective of what's his.

He makes me feel like a queen,

I’m fortunate to be with someone

who adores me for me & is proud to call me his wifey!

I consider myself extremely blessed,

& I’ve thanked God every day for having my man.

I thank him for sharing his life with me again after 14yrs,

He is a wonderful man.

he's my heaven on earth thanks to the Lord for sending him my way,

the air I breath & the sun that brightens my day.

He found what he deserve & more!

He'll always been my King.

I'm addicted to making his smile.

I just wanted to say that he make me so happy,

it gets better everyday,

he make me feel amazing;

he's the center of my world.

I am so grateful

I've waited for love to come my way,

& I'm proud to be with him.

I love & adore him with each day.

I appreciate & respect him.

he's the most handsome man on Earth in my eyes.

I want to tell the whole world who he is, but I won't because

I don't need anyone else falling in love with him,

he never fail to make me laugh.

I thank him for everything &

to many more for show me all the passion

& love that I always wanted out of a man,

I miss him dearly!!! I hate being apart from him.

No one has ever made me laugh as much as him do.

honestly I can't wait to spend the rest of my life with him,

Forever isn't enough time for me to say all the ways I love him.

But first & most important, thank him for the love he has given to me

& continues to give to me.

he's everything I ever hoped for in a man & more;

I am lucky to have him in my life & I gave my heart to him,

he has gotten me hooked for his love

& I wouldn’t change this love for anything else

nor do I want to lost the love i have given him,

I'll be his love forever, as long as he love me forever,

he's got me insane for his love.

he is the only one I wanna give love to, this love that I have,

I want to share it with someone so special

& he is one of a kind, so damn intoxicating,

so damn special to me, there's nothing like this around town,

the love that I have to give & he's my type of man,

I can see myself with for the rest of my life

& I love how I feel when I'm around him,

I just can’t take my eyes off him,

he's got me thinking about him on such a higher level then I ever felt.

he got my attention twice,

first time was in high school & second time is right here right now

& it takes a lot to catch my attention on that kind of level.

When he put his arms around me I can feel the love that he has to give,

there's no escaping this feeling,

we got a great chemistry together,

the passion I can feel it between us.

he know what I like & I know what he likes,

I just can't deny the feeling that are deep in my gut for this man.

Back then I was colded hearted just like Alaska during winter,

I never thought that he would enter my life that day 14yrs later,

his love so gentle & so tender, I really don't remember feeling this way

about anyone or anything. I owe it all to him, I feel so new like I can't lose

& I know everybody knows bcuz it just shows,

I wear a glow on my face, my mood has change,

it's like damn my whole world was so cold & didn't want anyone,

but when he walked into my world he just brought so much TLC

& he has brighten up my world with some much warmth,

& I like this fit of love that he has to give towards only me.

His love just fits on me just right,

gently wrapped around me from my head to my feet,

he's the reason & the meaning for the new things

I believe in, he make me smile & I wouldn't change it for nothing,

since he came in my world I'm in a better place,

Those hurtful days that i ever had ever went through are gone

I don't feel pain or hate towards the world,

& everybody sees that he love me & I just want to keep it that way,

when I'm with him I feel so complete,

I am complete I got the man of my dreams, of my value.

& the night before when we saw each other,

for the first time in a long time was the best thing that ever happen to me

& that one touch brought us closer,

I didn't want it to end he know that he has complete me,

his touch was all I need to know that his love is what I need,

he knew what he is do to me,

he's gotten me weak and that first kiss was all that I needed to know,

that we have the right chemistry,

he doesn't have to hold back or be shy around me,

I can feel him wanting me in his eyes,

I know that his mine & he knows I'm his until the end of time...

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This isnt a poems or a letter this is basically how i feel about my boyfriend. and i wanted everyone to feel the love like i do with my man... he is simply amazing and i couldnt ask for a better man than him..

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