I am your

To Alfred From The One Who Loves Him
I am your Mrs.
I am your Queen
Your lady in waiting
Your damsel in distress
The one who's screaming your name
Whose heart's calling for
I am your partner in crime
The women by your side
Whose love will never hide
The hand in yours
The kiss of passion upon your lips
And the hug to embrace you
I am your shoulder to cry on
The hand to squeeze yours
The reminder you have a light always shining inside of you
I am your words of attempted upliftment
Your whisper of reassurance
And shout of your importance
I am your love
Your lover
Your adorer
I am your lucky lady
Your thankful girlfriend
Your forever and always
I am your dance partner
Your traveling companion
Your one next to you
I am your gal
Your girl by your side
Your tear wiper
The one who hopes to ride off with you into the sunset
I am your Lois Lane
Your Bonnie
Your Juliet
I am your number one fan
Your supporter
Your encourager to be who you are
And the way you are
I am the women who keeps thanking God for you
The little girl who hopes it's not too good to be true
And pinches herself to make sure it's real
Still the lady who believes in you
And will always get lost in your eyes
Who has her eyes set on you
I am your future fiancé
Your future wife
The future Mother to your children
The one to jump into your arms when I see you
And hug you so tight as I cry tears of joy
To never wanna let you go
I am the one to scream yes when you get down on one knee
To cherish the ring no matter what it looks like

because it's the vows to you that are important
I am your future bride
I am the luckiest women alive
To be with you
To be your only
I am the one who wants to be held by you
Who hopes to slow dance with you
Who wants to find a place with you to call home
Who wishes to hear you say I love you
Who will be able to whisper I love you back
And the one to share your last name
I am who will carry your baby(s) inside of me
I am the future mother to your children 
I am your other hand to hold our baby
And my breasts will feed them 
Together we will hold them
I am yours
I am your long waited queen
Hopefully what you've wished for in a queen
I am your queen

I am your future wife
I am your Mrs.
I am your Mrs. Fletcher

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