you're mine

You are priceless
My priceless treasure
My priceless love
You are a gift from God
Cherish able forever
And an undying spark
Unquenchable fire
You are my knight in shining armour
The one to carry me off into the sunset
My hero
The One who stands up for me
The One who stands beside me at the alter to say I do
My superman
Who I wish would have gotten down on one knee for me
You are my future Groom
And the one I wish and hope will be the one

whose hands cup around my tummy

when we're going to be parents together
The one I'm after
Who shows me what true love's about
And being someone's other half
You are my Clark Kent
My Clade
My Romeo
You are my motivation
My support
And my encouragement
You are my smile
My laugh
My wonderful boyfriend
You are my handsome King
With dazzling Hazel eyes
A great smile
And a warm heart
You are mine
The one to change my last name
And put a tin upon my finger
You are my future husband
You are my fairytale
My King

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