you're my # 1

I won't give up on us
I won't walk out
I can't leave you behind
I can't get enough
Of you
Of us
You put a smile on my face
A tinkle in my cheeks
And a warmth in my blood
My heart beats faster
My hands begin to sweat
Butterflies invades the space inside of me
You are my sunshine
You are my partner in the rain
Your words drive me insane
I am crazy for you
I want you to know
I support everything you do
And all of your dreams
All you wanna be
No matter what you do with your life
I'll be the women alongside you
My hand in yours encouragingly
I support whatever you wish for
I'd go anywhere with you
When we talk it's like no one else exists
And you're the only one who matters to me
You are a tower of importance in my day
The happiness on my face
The flutter of dead wings
You are an inspiration to me 
And please don't ever forget it
I know together we're worth it
We can do this
Four weeks done
And we don't need an end
Author's Notes/Comments: 

This is to my man Alfred i love him very much, he brought me out of my shell since everything that i've been through..

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