Sleep Now grandma


Although I cannot see you,
I feel your presence near.
I will hold you close in memory,
Till I drop my very last tear.

So sleep now with the angels,
And your golden heart let rest.
Although our hearts are broken,
We know GOD took the best.

So dance beyond those golden gates,
And join your loving mum.
I'll see you when I'm sleeping,
And pray for you to come.

And although this pain is painful,
And I really don't wanna let you go.
I'll wait for death to take me grandma,
So we can together one day glow.

Until that day I'll close my eyes,
and see your smiling face.
I'll lock you up inside me heart,
Until we again embrace.

So rest now my beautiful grandma,
I'll never forget how much you have done.
So until my hand meets yours again,
Sleep now in the sun.

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