Real Me

It's like I'm two different persons

As time goes on the more the pain worsens

No one truely even knows me

All they know is what they see

But all they see is a lie

Which I thought would help me to get by

Now I am tangled within the thorny vines

All throughout the darkest depths of my mind

Will anyone understand?

Will they be there to hold my hand?

Or will they cast me away like before

Throwing me in a cage and locking the door

Where they can all point and stare

As if what the real me feels doesn't deserve a care

So I sit and wonder, should I let them in?

Into my world, my dimly lit tin?

Or do I keep my otherself for them to still see

So that no one can truely know the real me

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Naushin Sadozai's picture

This one is awesome, well it suits me as well but one thing, u never wrote tht what made u write this poem?

Nathaniel Canman's picture

this is also a very emotion driven poem...i like it a makes me want to find out who you really are...and what you should not be afraid of...screw other people