My LIfe

My life is what you gave

My life is what you saved

My life is what I live

My life is what I give

My life is something so , so small

As I hear the echoing off the walls

Far down that dark dark path

Is a lone mirage I see

With what I see

With my wonderous eyes

Was a mirror with nothing but me inside

As I gazed so hard

I almost cried

For what the mirror held

Was the lonlyness that had become

My life

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This was one of the first poems I ever wrote; and it's also one of my favorites.

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Cyst's picture

A well written poem that I cant Exactly relate too. Though I think this poem vaguely relates to most people, I cant say I own the consept of this poem. I can however see a little bit of what its like to be you. you had a slight wording problem on lines nine and ten, but its nothing.

suicidekiss84's picture

*sighs*......again very true!!!*sobs*

J.B. Manning's picture

I like this poem a lot. It speaks of passion and energy that I can relate to. Thanks for sharing and I hope you post more.