in life

in life there are horrible times, dissaponting moments, rough times, scary times, boring times, and of course to me the worst of all the sad times. now really dont let this times in life let you down. if you do get down because of it get up and put it behind you down let it just sit and boil into you. every now and then you might cry, you might do something dumb and get put in jail but think about it thats your chance to start over with a new place, new attitude, or maybe a new life.


thats what i did. i lived in new jersey my entire life with my mom then we went through a sad time, we cried, then decided it was time to start a new life so we moved to florida, and started our entire life over now we are really happy with the new life we have. Every now and then we get a little sad again but we just think of our new life and we get happy again. so maybe if you are going through horrible times, dissapointing times, rough times, scary times, boring times, or sad times, you just need a new life.


another way to help with this is to talk to someone and dont hold it in that always helps.

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i really like to inspire people and this my first time on this website doiung it but i love to so shre this with some one eles but i hope it helps some one out and if it helps you let me know.

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