Who do you think I am


Who do you think I am

Who do you want me to be

I am just here drifting in this lonely sea

May I ask a question, if I should boldly dare

Who do you think you are to think that I would care

Your premonitions of me are lacking in skills you do not hold

I am someone who is drifting into a sea that is so cold

Mirror images do not do much for me

A reminder perhaps of something that never came to be

Who do you think I am 

As we briefly pass

Another lost soul in the crowd

Or just another girl with an ass

Do not come into my realm

Certain things are not meant to be awoke

I will keep going to where I am going

Until I am unaturally prevoked

I do not look to the future

That is not guaranteed

All I do is find this certain moment buried deep inside of me

Who do you think I am

This may entertain my thoughts

Since you think you know me better than by so many who were just as lost





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