Inside My Walls

down you go
spinning down
this contaminated pool
of ignorance
and soaring through
a cloud of naivity
or perhaps indifference.

your carelessness
is contagious.
soon enough
you will see
once i too stop trying

deliberate or not
whether it is something that you thought
or haven't yet caught
your actions
or lack thereof
shatter my heart

Author's Notes/Comments: 

about those helpless, hurtful, frustrating times you feel left out by your friends

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PhilipG78's picture

Word assault.

So glad i read that...every word perfect....I will for sure watch for those contaminated pool's of ignorance. Seriously thanks for sharing...

"The secret of creativity, is knowing how to hide your sources." - Albert Einstein

Beavis's picture


Very artfully written but with the emotion intact. Beautifully done!

HisWithNoDoubt's picture

Um I agree. I really like it.

Um I agree. I really like it. Along with all ur others that iv read.