Why Is It?

they say the world is overpopulated
so why are so many alone?
it makes me think
if there are so many fish in the sea,
is there something wrong with me?
and if everything happens for a reason
how come i am the one
who still tries
falls and gets back up
and still cries
no one to make the stars shine for me
no one to light up my sky.
is this how it will forever be?
no one i want wants me
i want no one that wants me
here i am
in a sea full of fish
but none of them for me

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Fitzgerald's picture

This is very true. No one

This is very true. No one should be alone.. I guess I never thought of the world being like this. Great write

burkej1h's picture

this song

plays in my head over and over, thank you for writing it down