But she looks so perfect

Even when it's all gone wrong

No, her parents don't love her

And I watch her try to stay strong

I won't move along like they want me to

I'm too young but I'll stay true

There's dead bodies coming down from the ceiling

Clueless as to what I'm even feeling

I suspect they might be drug dealing

Her poetry entices me

Because it just isn't art

If it didn't come from the heart

Trapped in a bubble

Now the house is burning down

It's like I can see her screaming

But I can't hear a sound

Said she pretends to be gay

So she can get away

They'd rather believe that

Than the truth she'd like to say

Lies, why do you play?

In her eyes I see she knows it isn't okay

Oh, how'd it ever get this bad?

No one sees she's sad

Better not let them see

False freedom isn't easy 

She can drive

But she'll always have to hide

Beauty is a curse and it's getting worse

She says she's not a criminal 

Yet she's caged just like an animal

Baby, tell me what is it you've done?

On rare occasion she'll succeed

They'll unlock her cage and she'll be freed

She looks so perfect

As I watch it all go wrong

Yet she still insists I play along

Someday, Honey, you must speak

It's wrong for you to act so weak

They're throwing drinks around

Pills by the pound

Bottles on the ground

She can't stand the sound

I don't want her in this crazy mess

But she still says I better not confess

They're all counting down the days

When she can just go away

No one wants her anyway 

Her Mom is saying we're angels

Her Grammie is oh so proud

When will your secrets hit the ground?

I can see her heart sinking down

As they're screaming all around

One is counting calories

The other's holding on hopelessly

If the attic falls down

And the closet opens up

Maybe then that'd be enough