Darker than Marilyn Manson

Feeling darker than Marilyn Manson 
The days get colder
And I'm only getting older
Time's passing me by
And I hate to say that I know why 
The emotions run dry
And my pain stays inside
Draining each individual vein 
As I go insane
I'm left to be broken 
My soul to be stolen 
My eyes can't see
What's right in front of me
Dying and repeatedly struck with lightning
What did I do wrong?
Why does this have to be so frightening?
I'm lying in the ocean singing your song
Just to find it wasn't meant for you all along
What can I do?
I'm torn in two 
I'm either higher than high
Or lower than low
As good as dead
As fierce as snow
A failing show
Disappear like I know you do
It's not your fault
You're locked on this default
Killing sadness 
Driven by madness
I should get out of my head
But I can't even get out of bed
Walking through Hell 
Living in a jail cell 
And the problems I face
No they can't be erased
Why won't our nonexistent God send me back to outer space?
Where my heart can see your face 
Where my pulse can race
Where I cannot be completely replaced
My solitude
It's another place
So I'll leave you with this
My life is a series of hit or miss
I used to have bliss
Now I've caught the Devil's kiss