sometimes when i get lonely

all i have to do is picture you face

when no one is here to hold me

i think of your kiss and how it tastes

that's when everything gets better

that's when i know i'll be just fine

like finding a long lost love letter

just another reminder, you are mine

you are my love, my best friend

my sweet child, my confidant

until my life is at it's end

you are the one i want

all the things i've done with you

make me want you even more

i've said i love you, and it's true

for you, if i had to, i'd go to war

but i'd rather hold you close

and kiss you a million times

raise our glass and make a toast

spill whatever is on our mind

get drunk off our emotions

feel that tingle down your spine

your kiss is a magic potion

best of all, it's all mine.

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kathryn's picture

i just love to read love poems...they always get me if they're good and i like this one. "i think of your kiss and how it tastes" i loved that verse dont know why i loved it so much. anyways like i said i love reading love poems probly the only one in my family. keep writing it'll take you far. you're in my prayers.